[Location] Nordhavn, Denmark     [Type] Church     [Size] 75 sqm     [Status] Honorable Mention

The design of the new church in Skudehavnen is a response to the unique characteristics of the site, which is characterized by a small fishing community with colorful sheds and containers closely packed and stacked according to the user's needs. This context has informed the design approach, resulting in a building that is deeply rooted in its local environment and provides a new link between Hans Egede's Parish and Skudehavnen's maritime heritage.

The church is envisioned as a new focal point that connects the local community and visitors through a building volume that is both respectful of the church's traditions and flexible enough to accommodate various local events. The result is a space that functions as a new scene for the public life of the harbor, providing opportunities for social interaction and community building.
The design of the church is informed by the concept of storytelling, with the building serving as a physical manifestation of the soul of the inhabitants of Skudehavnen. The architecture is expressive of this idea, with a unique form that emerges from the context and embodies the rich history of the site. The church is intended to create a sense of place that is welcoming to all, a unique and inspiring addition to the architecture of Ydre Nordhavn.

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