[Location] Mallorca, Spain     [Type] Competition     [Size] 700 sqm     [Status] Proposal
"Mellem os" is our proposal for FORUM - a competition by Arkitekt Halldor Gunnløgsson’s Fond
The project is a space for common discussions, as well as individual reflection. It serves as an international platform for dialogues about architecture.
The built volumes are sitting firmly on a foundation of Santanyi stone, following the sloping terrain towards the Mallorcan national park.
The common area can be a place for public debate, as well as a platform to exhibit projects and competitions. The Santanyi stones, together with the Mallorcan cork, creates a pleasant and cool indoor environment.
The group rooms can be extended out in the open. The wooden sliding doors can be hidden in the walls, and the almond tree takes center stage. The ceiling is covered with Mallorcan cork, a contrast to the pink render on the walls.
Physical model 

Competitions Boards 

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