[Location] Mývatn, Iceland     [Type] Restaurant     [Size] 2000 sqm     [Status] Shortlisted​​​​​​​
In the harsh landscape formed by the extreme volcanic power, a warm and welcoming gesture emerges like a lantern in the dark, creating a shelter and an awareness of a more sustainable future. 

To give a greater notion of the surrounding landscape, the visitors are guided through the landscape from the parking north of the site. The path creates a strong relation to the steep landscape and brings the visitor close to the greenhouse, to give an idea of the production going on behind the tinted glass. Because of its orientation, the restaurant is hidden from plain view when first entering the site, before opening up with grand views towards the Icelandic landscape. It is possible to either take a guided tour through the greenhouse before eating, or enter the restaurant directly.
The multipurpose hall serves as an extension of the dining area, but can also be closed off and used for a number of different events. The project unfolds from the desire to create an organic restaurant with a set of greenhouses, each with the possibility to manipulate the different internal conditions needed. The greenhouse is organized to provide goods for the kitchen, but also works as a functional space for learning and teaching in the field of sustainable food production. This meeting fosters unforeseen architectural qualities and spaces that serve both the kitchen and the visitor.

The aim is to offer the guests a memorable experience where they can enjoy the magnificent view of the milky blue Mývatn nature baths on one side and Hverfjall volcano on the other, while also being immersed by the greenhouse’s delicious, locally produced food.

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