[Location] Odsherred, Denmark     [Type] Education     [Size] 1500 sqm     [Status] Proposal
[Collaborators] AART 
The competition proposal for Odsherred Campus has been developed in collaboration with AART Architects. The new Campus is a transformation of the existing gymnasium, with the addition of two new buildings; a wood workshop / student restaurant and a fitness hall. The new buildings adapt respectfully to the original design from 1980, and builds on the qualities of the charac-teristic building blocks and their simple organisation

The new Campus Square functions as a common arrival room for all students and visitors. Life inside the buildings are made visible through large openings in the facade, naturally leading towards the entrance and directly into the extended canteen, which becomes the heart of the new Campus. The additions fit into the natural flow of the school, ensuring easy movement and equal access for all. The new wood workshop / student restaurant is built in 2 floors to match the proportions of the existing sports hall, which gives extra attention to  the Campus Square.

A light grid is stretched between the two buildings, which further emphasises the square's importance as the Campus main arrival area. With its multifunctional nature and the setting of a lighted grid, the possibilities for activities on the square are expanded. New outdoor zones are established in relation to the buildings.

The new building is a landmark for the school and for the town. It has a special extroverted character, and at the same time it is locally rooted and adapted to the existing buildings. Its location in relation to the existing buildings welcomes visitors regardless of whether it's by foot, by bike or by car.

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