[Location] Dzunguni, Kenya     [Type] Education Centre     [Size] 200 sqm     [Status] Proposal
In the Dzunguni village in Kenya, Eco Moyo Education Centre started a project in 2013, with the ambition of providing free primary education. They can now offer free primary education to more than 200 children in the village. They are constantly planning the next step.
The project is developed from a fascination of the tree.
The shape of the tree is nature’s simplest way of creating shadow and a place where one can seek shelter from the sun. The tree plays in this sense a special role in the understanding of space. Social life takes place under and around the tree, in the threshold between built and unbuilt.

A translation of the tree takes form through three pavilions, The Meeting Place, The Plant House, and The Playground. The relation between the pavilions creates a field for play and learning.
The traditional wattle and daub technique is rethought as a healthy green wall. The children will claim ownership of the wall, which will transform from a wooden lattice to a vertical garden.

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