[Location] Ørestad, Denmark     [Type] Parking House & roofscape     [Size] 4000 sqm     [Client] By & Havn     [Status] Proposal
The project takes form through a floating movement from the stairs on the western facade to the eastern facade's viewpoint. A raised path connects the two elements to make up a green rooftop, where a roof farm and a restaurant are established.
The experience of the green universe starts at the sculptural staircase, which with its hanging ivy gives a strong indication of the green rooftop. The stairs guide the visitors up to the raised path at the top of the roof. The path is lifted half a meter over the ground, to create an experience of moving through, between, and over the locally run roof farm.
The corten steel has been chosen due to the beautiful interaction with the car park's green roof. In the summer, the rust-red patina stands in stark contrast to the green roof, whereas in the latter months of the year it blends with the surrounding autumn colors. Both the corten steel and the wooden slats will patinate and change character over time. The untreated wood and the corten sheets are long-lasting materials and will form a facade that requires little maintenance.
Facade - North
Facade - West
Facade - East
Roof Plan
Cross Section
Entrance to Recycling Station 
Roof Garden

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